Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Red Test

First of a selection of OOP Battlefield Miniatures for BG 'Fall of the Reich'.

These are one of the dismounts for my recce jeeps...

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Red Army... Well a bit of it!

Actually,  not much of it!

Other than a bunch of extra Maxim teams, this is all that remains to get done for my Reds.

Basically for FotR we have...

Forward Headquarters
Recce Command dismount
2 x Jeep dismount scouts

There is a few extra SVT armed figues in there too as I like them.  I do need a couple more flamethrowers though so will grab them on my next order to CP Models.

With luck I may get these and the Volkssturm ready for some Xmas city fighting.

Next it is...

Well, last night I pulled out my US Airborne and began cleaning and sorting the figures. I have a nice full platoon, with an additional rifle squad and an extra bazooka team. The Elhiem figures are lovely castings, full on animation and character with some of the best weapon castings in the business.
All was going well till I got to the three MG teams I need for the platoon...
Of course, as is Sods Law, I have manage to lose all the MGs! I have the tripods but the actual MGs have gone missing somewhere in the cavernous environs of my studio.
So its a bit of an issue as until I have those replaced, I cant start on the US Airborne as I like to paint the entire platoon in one go to maintain a uniformity over them all. So once payday arrives, I shall be ordering a few replacements and perhaps a couple of packs of the Blitz US Airborne to make up a Recce Patrol...

So... With the Airborne drop delayed, I dragged out the Volkssturm. All based up and ready to go!
Or so I thought... A quick layout and check through revealed I was missing a few chaps with Panzerfausts and a few men! Gott un Himmel, as they used to say in the Warlord comic. So another delay as I will need to order bits for them, but a good excuse to pick up the new CP Models Volkssturm releases.
So a bit of a disaster so far on the hunt for reinforcements for the front. So as things are delayed while I await the funds to order what I need for the Airborne and the Volkssturm, I have begun to base up the remaining Soviet 1945 bits to do. As there isn't much, it may act as a nice filler for the time being and it will at least finish off my Late War Soviets, and indeed be the last infantry to be done for all my Russians until next year when I will be redoing all my Soviet AT guns and artillery.
So next for now... is a few Russians...

Unless of course, when I finish sorting them out tonight, something is missing...

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Whats next?

So... The last German platoon is done and out of the way and the last 1941 pieces are done for my Russians.
So Im left with a few options of what to do next. I will be pulling out the huge pile of vehicles to start work on my BEF motor pool next as far as vehicles go, but I also want to work on some infantry.
So I thought I might see what the erstwhile followers of this mediocre blog think about where I should turn my attentions too... Though Im only going to list my WW2 20mm projects! No mention of the 28mm AWI, 28mm ECW, 28mm 2nd Afghan War, the sci-fi, the fantasy or the 20mm WW1 please! At some point Im gonna have to start on some non-20mm projects that are sat in boxes!
But till then, what do you all think should come next?
Option 1 - US Infantry for Normandy

I already have my 1945 US infantry done, plus my old Britannia US Army, but I have a large new US Army figure selection bought to do a new Normandy force. Its made up of AB Figures with a few OOP Battlefield Miniatures and some other makes for a little variety, Its a big project, and could last me till Christmas as it also includes a bunch of half-tracks (12 of them!) and their crews.
Option 2 - US Airborne
The next option is to re-do my US Airborne. I already have a decent sized force of US Airborne made up of Britannia figures which I love. Some really great sculpts in the US Airborne range. That said, I have a full platoon of Elhiem Figures US Airborne, plus an airborne dispatch rider on horseback that I commissioned Matt at Elhiemo do. They are excellent figures and very tempting to do up either for Normandy, to replace what I have, or perhaps as out-fitted for Market-Garden.
Option 3 - Volkssturm
Another acquired project is a full platoon of the OOP Battlefield 'Defenders of Berlin' range. To this I have been adding the rather nice VS types from CP Models. I now have a rather nice VS platoon, with various supporting elements ready to do up for facing East in the last few weeks of the war.
Option 4 - Red Army 1945
Another lucky acquisition was the opposing OOP figures for the Volkssturm - The Battlefield range of 1945 Red Army infantry. While I don't quite have a full platoon, I do have most of it, with gaps filled out by Elhiem but I do have some nice pieces in the force for some interesting set-piece vignettes. Im hoping to add a couple of SU-100s to the force at some point too.
Option 5 - Royal Marine Commando
Another project that has been boxed for a while, mainly due to the fact I have so much British stuff already painted and I have been waiting the release of more suitable figures from AB... something that seems likely in the next few months. Once more I have a full troop of Commandos for Late-War, plus support and also a Centaur. One to consider but perhaps not vital as I have British infantry done already.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Finished Lancer T26 Selection!

Just a couple of quick pics, but nice models.  Enjoyed doing them, highly recommended! 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

T26 gaggle underway...

A few of the new range of T26 variants from Lancer Miniatures.

Only in a few pieces, tracks, hull and turret. Casting was good, a few tiny bubbles and I lost one mudguard to a big bubble. Nothing major and little cleaning or filling required. The tracks are a little bit fiddly as they have no locators or pins so not much to attach them with. I would suggest basing will help alot in maintaining the tracks shape. 

All in all though, superb models. Really pleased with them and I will most likely add a few more as I love the 'S' sloped turret look. 

As resin models, 7.5 out of 10, and only let down by the fixed hatches etc. 
As resin wargame fast build models, 9 out of 10
As T26s, 10 out of 10! 

I have their Matildas too so im looking forward to them as I have been avoiding resin models lately and these have restored my interest in the medium.