Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Some stuff underway...

Some very early work on some British Shermans and a Sdkfz 260 to act as my Kampfgruppe communications vehicle for 1945 games of Fall of the Reich..

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Monday, 27 April 2015

Battlegroup Blitzkrieg at Salute 2015

A few pics of our game at the weekend for the release of Battlegroup Blitzkrieg...


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Urban Table...

So last weekend, with my chum Cyril, we built a new urban baseboard from some old MDF, Pine Strip and some off cuts on shed roofing felt.

A couple of hours later and we had this 4 x 4...

This is for Sci-fi, Fantasy, but of course mainly for WW2 with the edging strip to contain all my rubble. We also got a couple of games in on it, so here are some examples of it with its scenery on it...


Monday, 2 March 2015

Tip of the Spear- Battlegroup Blitzkrieg AAR

Tonight we played a small 400 point game with the BEF facing off against a German Panzer Division list. I took the Germans and we decided to theme it as the very tip of the spear, racing for the coast. In keeping with this I took my FHQ, a platoon in 251s, six 38ts… and that was it! I decided on no artillery as my men were pushing so far forward we were out of support. Oh and I ran out of points… but as it fitted into the narrative, all was good! The BEF were a much better rounded force of tanks, an infantry platoon with support and a mortar battary in support.
So my forward advancing troops, pushing out from their division and racing for the coast are trying to seize the vital road network for the rest of the following division. Out of range of supporting fire, my troops must seize the initiative and strike an aggressive blow.
This we sure did, mainly thats to Gaz and his BEF having worse dice rolls than the real BEF. With speed, and the use of 'Panzermarsch' on the secind turn, I was able to push hard and fast. My force raced across the road junction heading for the railway station. The BEF arrived at a snails pace in ones and two. Most got taken out as they tried in vain to mount a defence. The brave 2 pounder crew made a short stand, before MG fire saw them run after a gunner was killed. The poor old A9 cruiser got a round off, only to see it miss by a country mile, and then get dispatched by two AP rounds in return.
An arriving A13 that tried to flank the German advance was peppered with 37mm rounds, stunned and dazed by hits, and eventually the crew abandoned the tank and ran for their lives. It seemed if there might be a brief respite as the German commander in his 38t command tank pulled off the road by the church and promptly drove over a mine, but it just took a track off!
By the time the BEF infantry did finally arrive the Germans were occupying the railway station and the poor old BEF, trapped in the corner, tried to attack, but were cut down badly. Soon the BEF battle rating broke and they high tailed it for Dunkirk!
Was a very fun game, for me… Garry suffered terrible dice, really bad. it all went against him and I just, quite literally, rolled over him…

Friday, 6 February 2015

Battlegroup Blitzkrieg - Pre-Orders!!!

Well, my first book for BG is done and ready for pre-orders...

...and PSC have a good deal going for those pre-ordering...

Battlegroup Blitzkrieg is available for pre-order!

We are delighted to launch the pre-order campaign for the next supplement for the ‘Battlegroup' World War II gaming rules covering the invasion of Poland in 1939 and France in 1940.Designed to be played in 20mm and 15mm, this latest book contains army lists, vehicle data and special rules for the first two years of the war, including France's command chaos, the Luftwaffe's aerial superiority and the swift German Panzermarsch!

Nine new army lists for the early war fighting. The Polish and German armies for 1939 and German Panzer and Infantry Divisions to fight French Light Mechanized Divisions, Armoured Divisions and Infantry Divisions, the British Expeditionary Forceand Belgian army in 1940.

Nine historical scenarios from Poland to Belgium and France. All in a lavish 184 page, hardback book. Heavily illustrated with inspiring miniature photographs, historical photographs and artwork. Plus five painting guides! Available in April 2015.

We are very proud of our new Blitzkrieg supplement and are really pulling out the stops on the pre-order deal:-The first 500 pre-orders will be entered into a prize draw to win:

1st Place: £150 GBP of PSC products of your choice
2nd Place: £100 GBP of PSC products of your choice
2 x 3rd Place: £50 GBP of PSC products of your choice

AND, all 500 will each receive a free15mm or 20mm SdKfz 251C halftrack sprue.
AND each will get a free PDF version of the Battlegroup mini-rulebook (state language: English, French, German, Spanish or Polish)

AND a prize draw for 3 tanks (winner's choice of PSC model)to be painted by Piers Brand.

Available to preorder in the webstore for £25 or as a "Grey Panzers" deal with Battlegroup Barbarossa for £40.

...and a few more previews...
Big thanks to all our playtesters and to Warwick who took my rambling mess of text and drivel and turned it into an actual book!