Thursday, 20 August 2015

Platoon Action in Normandy

Last weekend saw the first playtest of a WW2 set of rules I'm  are working on with a view to perhaps publishing next year.

Was a fun game... The Germans got the upper hand, and gained ground by covering their advance with smoke, and getting their LMG teams into positions to lay down heavy suppressing fire, with a large proportion of the British units constantly pinned down, the Germans managed to capture all three objectives for a win.

The British suffered from a bit of bad luck and a failed assault saw them put on the defensive and some truly awful dice rolls stopped their commander rally his men who seemed to sensibly keep their heads down as the German MGs raked the houses with fire. The highlight for the British was the German medic rushing to the aid of the single German sMG42 team and tripping a booby trap as he entered a house which killed him instantly. Sadly for the British one of their men also trod on a mine which gutted a rifle team with several casualties.

Fun game... and a very positive start.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Preparing for Bovington... Again!

Well its that time of year again when mass panic starts as I wonder what we are gonna demo at Battlegroup South, the wargames show held inside Bovington Tank Museum.
Held on the 4th & 5th July this year its a show I love doing and where else can you get toy soldiers and tanks together!
This year we will be demoing two Battlegroup games. Warwick will be showing off the work so far completed on our next book - Battlegroup Tobruk - with a small Desert War game.
Im still working out what to do... I think it will be something for Blitzkrieg but may change my mind at the last minute! Any suggestions?
Anyway, if going, come and say 'hi' to us on the day!

Sunday, 7 June 2015