Friday, 11 April 2014

Looking Ahead - Crisis 2014

This year we will be putting on a demo game at the Crisis show in Antwerp where we will release Battlegroup Blitzkrieg (if I get it written in time!) and I want to do something a little different.
We will do a small game, mainly as I have to get over from Ireland to the UK with the troops and then get the scenery from the UK to Antwerp! So Warwick will be supplying a 6 x 4 board, re-vamping the Shopino table we did for the release of Kursk a couple of years ago.
I think both forces will be built around a single infantry platoon, with a few vehicles and some nice little scenic pieces.
As a setting, Im looking at doing something set in Poland 1939 for a real change of pace, and a part of WW2 not often seen on the show circuit. At present, most of the Germans are done but I will be adding a couple of vehicles in pre-war colours and maybe a few infantry bits. The real work will of course be the Poles, as I don't have a single one painted yet!
Better get writing the Polish Army list first... Oh and plan the demo game for Bovington!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A 1945 Valentine...

An interesting addition for a late-war British Army in 1945...

Both in Germany in 1945, the first pic is acting as an OP tank and I suspect the bottom pic is a command tank from an Archer battery. Always liked the Valentine and a good excuse to do one for my Late-War British.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Next Project - GI Joe, 1944-45

Apart from work on the armies for the next book - Battlegroup Blitzkrieg - Im going to be starting work on two platoons of US infantry for the game. One will be a platoon styled for Normandy, using AB Figures, the second platoon will styled as a 1945 Armoured Infantry Platoon using Blitz Miniatures. The idea is to allow the two forces to then be mixed to give me a large army for fighting late-war battles as my main focus for my US infantry is the fighting into Germany.
So as always, Im starting with gathering a few images...