Friday, 29 August 2014

A sneak peek for any 15mm WW2 fans...

This is an as yet unreleased test print of one of the figures from the new 15mm Early War German Heavy Weapons sprue set that PSC hope to have out by the years end. Im painting up the test prints to use for the box art.

Its the same style as the recently released German set from PSC and we spent a great deal of time on that set to get them looking good. I really like it and they are a joy to paint.

Of course... Not 20mm. But there is work on that...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

20mm BEF Again? Yer... Changed the helmet colour!

After talking to Tony Barton (the talented bugger who sculpts AB figures) on the helmet colour, he kindly sent me some pics... So I got the figures out and decided it was too dark. So it was back to the original colour I tried, Brown Violet. It didnt look right before, but on the finished model it does work, gave it a brown filter to try and add a little depth.

Think the result is a lot less cartoony now and less jarring.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


BEF for Battlegroup Blitzkrieg!

Figures by Blitz Miniatures with a few SHQ and one FAA figure. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Too Lazy to Research...

Its rare I say much on the hobby in general, I try not too to be honest as I cant be arsed with the online spats people seem to relish getting into. But over the last few weeks I have seen this concept that people are 'Lazy' when they don't do enough research and are in some way harming the hobby when they don't pour over books for the correct details for hours on end. The same people often point to games like 40K and Flames of War as being some bringer of doom by giving people a 'one stop shop' approach that doesn't require a library of books to find the answers... I'd say its more a sign of what makes them popular.
Im not sure the people with this attitude have a grasp of the realities of life frankly.
Its annoyed me enough that I will break my own vow not to get involved in such discussion and make a post on it. Thankfully bugger all people will see it here so Im safe!
Anyway, in response to those who think people who don't research their armies are lazy...
So a guy in his 30's, with say two or three kids, perhaps one with after school activities, he has a full time job, has one evening that he does an activity outside of gaming is 'lazy' because he doesn't do research?
Come on...
Perhaps he wants to spend the free time he does have with his partner, his children and then have sometime for gaming. He also likes to paint, so that another evening gone.
And you think he is lazy because he wont spend hours on google looking for the correct details for his army but might rely on an all in one book to offer it to him in one go?
Yup... Guess he is lazy then. Or maybe he has his priorities right in life... Just a thought.

Im in my 40's, have two young kids, a full time job and I find it hard to do any research. I paint atleast four evenings a week once the kids are in bed, I have no other hobbies and I cant stand watching TV. Luckily my wife is a cake maker and works in the evenings too.
But by the time Im home from work, played with the kids till I put them to bed, walked the dogs and then had a chat with the wife, even with no other external influences I have little time as it is, and I wish I had more.
Im fortunate. As I used to lecture on Military History I have a huge library of texts for my favoured period so for me I have a baseline from where to start researching. I don't have to wonder if the terms Im using to start my research is correct. I can stand up from my desk, walk over and get a book out that I know will likely answer my query. For some its not that easy. I have several friends who as gamers do not have the time to 'research'. They will phone me for an answer. Perhaps I should tell them to go and research it and stop being lazy.
I think its a horrid sign of the elitist attitude among some wargamers to term them all 'lazy' with a wide brush. Its also this snobbery towards one stop gaming solutions that slightly irks me. I also think its the biggest problem that historical wargamers need to overcome if they want to encourage more to play. Why is FoW so successful? Have a think on that...
This elitist attitude and the snobbery that comes with it, and I have seen it since I started gaming in 1984, is the real boil on the bum of the hobby if you ask me (and you didn't but Im on a roll now... It don't happen often so run with it). If historical wargamers truly want to become more inclusive and encourage people then they need to modify their language and their expectations in line with reality.
If I had come to my club in Ireland with that attitude (and I do have that attitude with regards WW2 - I am an utter rivet counter) they would have laughed me out. My club when I arrived was exclusively 40k and a small amount of fantasy. Within a year it was all historical and now 7 years later its still historical based but I have gone back to sci-fi and fantasy with them. Its an all inclusive attitude. I consider myself very lucky to have found such a group of people who are more my close friends than a wargames club. But Im not sure if I had the attitude I see among some wargamers things would have turned out so perfectly.
Sorry to go off on one, but it really gets up my nose when I see people being called lazy because they wont research things or divest their free time, when people fail to consider what other forces act and impress upon peoples time.
I have one friend who sometimes doesn't game for a year or two as he has a very busy job and four young kids. Is he just being lazy in not making time to play games or research his army?

Right... Rant off, I will go back to saying bugger all now and just showing pics of figures.